Tiny Talk Tuesday

One morning a couple of days ago, Tornado Boy came out to greet me when he was supposed to be changing into his clothes for the day. He was giggling mightily with his pants on his head. He said: “Look, I’m Picasso!”

Yesterday morning we went to the park for a nature walk. We happened upon this goose who clearly had a wounded wing. I asked Tornado Boy what he thought may have happened to the goose. He told me that he thought he was attacked by either “a jaguar or a piranha”. Evidently we have some serious predators that I wasn’t aware of in the park!

See what others are saying at Not Before 7.

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3 Responses to Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. Sarah R says:

    Heehee! Boys are so imaginative like that!

  2. sunnyvale422 says:

    The second quote is something Anna would say :) Too funny!
    sunnyvale422´s last [type] ..Baked Goods

  3. min says:

    Thanks for the link to the Spelling City. Have you continued with Talking Fingers program? Just curious because I remember you reviewed it sometime last year.

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and we aren’t even doing a lot of academics. How are you doing? I was just thinking of you and then you left a comment! Made my day that someone is reading.

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